Automobile application

Automobile application

3d printing, its biggest characteristics is a forming process has nothing to do with complexity, therefore particularly suitable for extremely complex internal structure of engine cylinder block, cylinder head, into the exhaust pipe and other components. Because of SLS technology molding material widely, especially can use casting resin sand moudle can disappear and material molding, therefore, can be combined with casting technology, rapid casting parts of the engine.
On behalf of clients: faw foundry, haima automobile, guangxi yuchai, hunan changfeng motor, etc

Auto intake manifold

Motorcycle cylinder cover powder sintering wax models and precision casting aluminum alloy parts

The gearbox shell


For engine cylinder head of water forming of dongfeng automobile company to set of sand core, the molding time is 20 hours
609.91 *230.90 *143.46 m

Auto spring base